Substrate preparation

Road construction and dust suppression.


We deal with non asphalted roads that are instead covered with aggregates of various types and consistencies. By means of a professional stone crushing machine (able to crush stones with a diameter of up to 30 cm), which is operated by a forestry tractor with an adequate power output and then releases the homogeneously crushed material on site, it is possible to create the appropriate slopes to prevent any water stagnation, which results in less stabilised material having to be used. “Substrate preparation” means milling, levelling and compacting the substrate of rural roads (unpaved and country roads), in order to eliminate any holes and obtain a laying surface able to withstand surface treatments. “Unpaved road arrangement” means levelling and compacting the substrate of the dirt roads, in order to optimally reduce the holes that are formed over time as far, and to ensure that should they receive no further treatments, they will remain level and compacted for as long as possible.


  • quick execution
  • less stabilising materials required
  • durable
  • cost-effective
  • the surface is properly prepared to withstand further treatments (dust suppression)

Interventions of substrate preparation

Interventions aimed at increasing road safety and extending the pavement’s service life over time.


Innovative technologies to create functional, economic and high-performance green paving.


All our services

The careful execution and use of avant-garde technologies, in addition to the high professionalism and expertise of its collaborators and workers, have led the road construction company to be able to offer a service of the highest quality that fully satisfies the needs of each customer.

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