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Triple layer

Green paving and road dust suppression


The eco-friendly triple layer treatment allows areas where the regulations prohibit the use of traditional bitumen conglomerates, to be paved, e.g. unpaved roads, cycle paths, campsites, natural park trails, gardens and restricted areas. “Road dust suppression”, means removing dust, whilst improving the surface’s levelness, skid resistance and water resistance, in addition to not altering the landscape in any way. The process involves using a combination machine to simultaneously spread three layers of emulsion and stone chippings, by working directly on the suitably prepared substrate. Several factors contribute to defining these interventions as ecological. The first being that all the emulsions are applied “cold”, i.e. at a temperature that does not exceed 60°C and this prevents smoke and fumes from being emitted and any harm to both the operators and the environment. The low environmental impact of the green paving is obtained through the use of various aggregate types and colours which allow the road to integrate into its surroundings. The end result is an elastic, resistant and waterproof paving that superficially assumes the colour and characteristics of the chosen gravel. The triple layer treatment also results in two-fold savings (from an economic and environmental point of view), as traditional unpaved roads entail continuous maintenance costs and a constant supply of stabilised material to maintain the road surface’s characteristics over time.


  • Low environmental impact
  • Use in protected areas
  • Reduced execution times

Works of green paving and road dust suppression

Interventions aimed at increasing road safety and extending the pavement’s service life over time.


Innovative technologies to create functional, economic and high-performance green paving.


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