Waterproofing and tack coats

CRW Continuous reinforced waterproofing

Waterproofing the road surface of roads, bridges and viaducts


Continuous reinforced waterproofing was created with the aim of waterproofing roads, bridges and viaducts - even those with large dimensions - with a product that is quick to apply and provides a secure seal over time, thanks to the absence of joints. The use of bitumen membranes and modified bitumen emulsions enables non-hazardous materials to be treated; the product is laid at a low temperature and no smoke or fumes are emitted. The package consisting of a binder, geotextile and stone chipping finish, allows a continuous and elastic road surface to be obtained that perfectly adheres to the concrete support. As a result, longitudinal and transverse joints are not required, unlike the traditional membrane waterproofing process and therefore, holes and cracks are less likely to occur. Combination machines equipped with sophisticated control systems apply the product, guaranteeing the optimal binder and stone chipping dosage.


  • No joints
  • Immediate re-opening of the road
  • Reduced application times
  • Elasticity over time
  • Versatile and economic

Waterproofing of roads, bridges, viaducts

Interventions aimed at waterproofing roads, bridges and viaducts, even large ones


Innovative technologies to create functional, economic and high-performance green paving.


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