Waterproofing and tack coats

SAMI - Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer

Bitumen emulsion, bitumen membrane, waterproofing membrane


The SAMI treatment is a quick and effective waterproofing membrane that also acts as a tack coat to facilitate the anchoring of high-performance bitumen conglomerates to the substrate, such as drainage and stone mastic asphalt (SMA). It is a higher-performance product, compared to the traditional ones on concrete, bitumen conglomerate and stabilised substrates. The elastic membrane consists of modified bitumen emulsion tack, covered with washed and split stone chippings or pre-fabricated bitumen that creates an interlayer which, by distributing the strain, delays any “bottom up” damage and cracking from the lower layers of the pavement. This membrane is highly elastic and adheres remarkably to the laying surface and covering aggregates. SAMI is perfectly suitable for traffic, including all the site equipment, machinery and vehicles required to carry out the subsequent bitumen conglomerate treatments for worn road surfaces.


  • Reduced application times
  • Stops “bottom up” damage from the substrate
  • High-performance tack coats
  • Versatile and economic

Waterproofing interventions

Tack coat to facilitate the anchoring of high-performance bitumen conglomerates to the substrate


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