Slurry microsurfacing - Slurry Seal

Bitumen conglomerate, bitumen emulsion


The slurry seal microsurfacing is a bitumen mortar made with high-performance binders and basalt aggregates that are cold-applied via a special self-propelled machine. Ideal for correcting damaged paving. The main features of this treatment are considerably increased skid resistance, reduced braking distances, reduced aquaplaning risks and a consequent increase in safety. The road pavement’s service life is extended as a result of the waterproofing function. It is frequently used to restore a worn road surface by applying the treatment directly (without needing to mill beforehand) or onto a connecting layer (road binder). Self-propelled machines are used for this process, as they can simultaneously produce and spread the bitumen mortar and guarantee a considerable daily production rate, in turn significantly reducing the duration of roadworks, compared to the traditional processes. The use of specially selected aggregate materials and emulsions modified with the latest generation natural latex, allows for excellent results in terms of performance and stability over time.


  • Increased skid resistance
  • Waterproofed paving
  • Reduced execution times and road closure times
  • Economic and versatile

Interventions with Slurry microsurfacing

Interventions aimed at increasing road safety and extending the pavement’s service life over time.


Innovative technologies to create functional, economic and high-performance green paving.


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